Samurai Siege – the ultimate review

The Mobile Strategy Resource-Management field has already been thoroughly fleshed out by competitors like Clash of Clans and Greed for Glory; but somehow Samurai Siege has managed to eek out it’s own style and even add a few new gems that players will find interesting. The game is far from a simple repeat of Clash of Clans painted with a medieval Japanese theme. Though it may appear to be ‘just another’ strategy game at first glance, with a little time investment, the differences become clear. It has a greater focus on intricate game-play; more options for battle and more upgrades as you play. And more money to spend – so I’ll give you this Samurai siege hack online.
Samurai siege
The game revolves around forming alliances and as soon as you do be prepared to go to war. Just like in other popular Mobile Strategy titles you do this to win resources and trophies that you can later use to buy more units and upgrade your own fortifications in an effort to protect yourself from similar sieges. Ninjas are the primary unit for stealing currency. Though there is a push to play others online it is still possible to play the offline version and gain access to newer units which you can later use against other players online.

As with many new mobile apps the game has a few issues that will likely be worked out in later updates. Wait times can be a bit long and gamers have experienced the occasional crash though no progress is generally lost. Though the interface was made with tablet users in mind it still has a few bugs related to some of the smaller buttons that will also need to be looked at in the near future. And though no one can fault Samurai Siege for its beautiful artwork it has a tendency to get in the way a bit more than in other titles. Unlike Clash of Clans there is no grid to help you think ahead and building graphics often tell you less about how much a camp is worth. This means that selecting ‘victims’ in online play can get more confusing. Though that could be seen as good or bad depending on how you play.

Overall, the game won’t likely win over people who’ve already tried other tactical resource management games and have been unimpressed. Not all gamers are into all games but if the strategy genre is something you’ve enjoyed playing the past Samurai Siege might be for you. It does offer more intricate game-play over Clash of Clans and a few little twists that make a big difference.

Hero zero – game

If you’re looking for a great free game for all the family, Hero Zero, from those clever German developers at Playata, is the best of its kind. Everybody loves superheroes and having a really useless-looking one who needs to be molded into a more recognizably heroic figure is a challenge which will delight players of any age or gender. Since the browser version of the game has become enormously successful with over 17,000,000 players, Playata have created iPhone and Android versions of the Hero Zero app so that even more people can join in the fun. It costs nothing to play unless you want to buy extra donuts and coins to get through the levels faster, and all that is required is a valid email address to sign-up. Something I have found and sharing with you:

If you are wondering why you need to create an account with Playata to play Hero Zero, don’t worry, it is not a scam. Confirming your email address will give you additional donuts the next time that you log into the game and additional rewards may be sent to you directly. Having an account for the game is mainly to make sure that your game position can be saved. This is a fantastic idea as it means that whether you play on your desktop computer or on your smartphone, you can pick up from where you last stopped playing on one platform and continue on another. For those who often upgrade their phones, tablets, or computers, they will not have to download and start playing Hero Zero from the very beginning unlike how most other apps work.

Graphically, Hero Zero is quite beautifully drawn with everything laid out intuitively on screen. There aren’t a lot of distracting animations as this is mainly a “tapping activities and waiting for timers to expire” kind of game. If you are looking for a brutal battle game where fighters really get into it with each other, the Hero Zero game may not be the right one for you. Hero Zero is more of a thinking game where tactically distributing rewards and skill points is the key to success.

Creating teams of superheroes from other players including your friends adds a social dimension and the ability to accumulate rewards faster, but the game is just as addicting for single players who simply want to spend only a few minutes playing it each day. If you think of Hero Zero as a virtual dress-up doll with missions and battles to gain enough points and coins to add more clothing, you would be on the right lines. However, there is a lot more to Hero Zero once you progress into the higher levels, especially the gambling aspect of taking on higher-rated opponents than those who your hero would be guaranteed to beat. Much merriment can be had at the expense of the zany characters who you encounter along the way.


Playing computer games is a common hobby for teens as well as adults these days. With the development of strong programming codes now it is possible to design gaming modules like never built before. One of this special modules i’m talking about is Game Of War Fire Age Cheats.  The present day gaming is all about strategy gaming. It critically tests the intelligence of a gamer at every point of time while progressing through the game. With increasing the difficulty in games the excitement level also increases parallely. There are also some people who consider gaming as their profession. They remain associated with the game manufacturing companies. Sometimes they  conducting the tests for final review. Game of War Fire Age Cheats is one such strategy game.  It simulating a war situation. Game Of War Fire Age is available to play in multiplayer mode.



You might have come across lots of games but the tool called Game of War Fire Age Cheats is one that gives you the feeling of an emperor. Conquering countries and thereby spreading the empire across a broader area is major purpose of this game.  As the game progresses the player needs to build his or her army. There is a need to train them to conquer countries. However, with every conquest the player needs to capture resources to make his army more efficient. The game is about conquering the world. Ans it’s completely based on framing strategies to accomplish that. With every step as you progress you need to collect gold chips, wood, stones, silver and food. The level of the game progresses forward with the items collected at each stage. This items are excellent for you game. It will allow you to grow to really nice levels.


As you all know applying cheats or hack tools in games is quite useful. It will unlock certain regions of a game that are not unlocked otherwise. In a word it makes the game more interesting to play. Further, there are certain websites that provide the Game of War Fire Age cheats or hack tools for free. There are certain points that can be quite useful for a gamer playing Game of War Fire Age Cheats.

  • Among the resources available, the output from farms and food is necessary to upgrade.  Higher state of farms keep the game running. Further, keeping a competitive army can be costly enough as they need to be fed regularly. Now in order to keep those in a fighting stage you have to do following. Supply of food must be good and hence you need to grow more crops. Definitely Game Of War Fire Age Cheats Tool mentioned above is helpfull for it.
  • To protect goods you need to have a warehouse. Hence, warehouse upgrade is also essential. The Kingdom needs to be protected from attack and in this respect certain aspects of it are required to be upgraded.
  • The power of army can be increased by searching for new troops. To accomplish that research is necessary as it will allow you to enhance the army power. New troops will help you to increase the number of soldiers. Eventually the volume of army. Greater the volume, the better it is to face the rivals.
  • Forming alliances with strong counterparts is essential as GAME OF WAR FIRE AGE CHEATS.  It will help to strengthen the roots of Kingdom. Hence it is essential to search for strong alliances and partner with them quickly. This is the place where you can earn some real points upon completing daily requests for alliances. Further you can earn more gold upon extending alliance help to your partner.
  • Building Barracks is essential for training new troops joining your army. It will help you to increase your army head count to a great extent. It will also act as the residential hub for the soldiers.
  • Try to make good use of resources and avoid unwanted wastage. Judicial use of resources will help you in times of need to replenish the army.
  • Sufficient Hospitals is really necessary for keeping army at its full power. It gives you the leverage to keep them healthy. More the number of hospitals greater will be the capacity to treat more number of soldiers at a time.
  • While playing the game you may encounter certain areas marked by red lines. This is an indication of the area to be occupied by rival army. You can then redirect your army to the region and conquer that before your rival reach there.
  • Further upon making entry into the game a so called peace period commences that does not last for a long period of time. It is the time when you need to safeguard your kingdom’s position by building barracks and hospitals. It is sure that you will encounter someone at the end of the period.
  • Please read those recommendations twice. This is step by step manual, how to be best in this game.



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Game of War Fire Age Cheats is one of the popular games.  The success of a game depends upon easy playability and the access to the cheats or hack tools required for playing this exciting game. Fortunately, the game has got everything to keep a gamer engaged to play. The game is almost like other popular strategy games like the Age of Empires etc. It is certainly something that gives you the feeling of belongingness to something. Hacking to a game control gives the feeling of getting the power of almighty to control the occurrence of events in a way that you like it to be. The code usage stands meaningful once you know the purpose of it and in this respect the tips of using them will help you in getting the maximum benefit out of it.


MotoGP 2014 review

Since the release of PS4 in November 2013, it hasn’t really managed to awash itself with the racers. We all here, always had the need for the speed rivals only. There have been rumours about Driveclub release which is being delayed due to circumstances and even there is an upcoming Project Cars too but it’s on hold because of the petrol is heading the genre. With MotoGP 2014, we have managed to step in Milestone.

There is being no doubt that the world of motorsports is varied as well as vast but it is not being represented until now especially on the latest generation of hardware. But now, with the launch of MotoGP on PS4 has busted out along with on older machines too. People do have their familiarity with the racing as four wheels but following the ideal racing line with a powerful motorbike was quite different for them.

Can you think anyone pulling every race perfectly with MotoGP 2014? We can say that it is a transition period of MotoGP which is now being officially licensed racing game. It has been developed by an Italian developer who managed to give varied two-wheeled titles. MotoGP 14 is finally on PS4 which marked a great improvement in terms of technicality as well as its predecessors which are visually blended.

In terms of the modes availability, MotoGP 14 is capable of delivering all the usual suspects associated with motorbike racing by throwing few interesting extras within the mix. It has been reported that Grand Prix, Time Attack, Instant race and Championship works impressively as well as generously within the 18 tracks. Since the launch of PS4, there wasn’t anything interesting in it but with the release of MotoGP 14 that void has been filled with impressive amount as well as authenticity.

Motorbike games have always been less popular as well as harder to control. The developers, Milestone has managed to equip MotoGP with few impressive classes including MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. This might confuse people which haven’t yet seen MotoGP but on other hand, it does makes an intuitive sense too as the bikes of MotoGP class are quite fast as compared to bikes of other classes.


MotoGP features a decent A.I. which isn’t going to stick to the ground as well as do any mistakes. This makes everyone feel unbelievable about MotoGP. With harder difficulties, MotoGP has managed to make racing more fun and users need to be perfect while taking turns and moving in directions. Though it is not a true sim but leaving that behind it just recreates the spectacle and drama of racing.

MotoGP is capable of handling bikes superfluously along with the physics model. It also features career as well as tutorial modes which introduce the gamers at the very beginning and the racing even look quite pretty at times. There is slight difference between the track scenery but gamer’s doesn’t really recognise it. Though MotoGP lacks in few graphical limitations but help the gamers in quick growth and becoming more familiar for handling the physics of the powerful bikes.


Are you using MotoGP on PS4? What are your views?