MotoGP 2014 review

Since the release of PS4 in November 2013, it hasn’t really managed to awash itself with the racers. We all here, always had the need for the speed rivals only. There have been rumours about Driveclub release which is being delayed due to circumstances and even there is an upcoming Project Cars too but it’s on hold because of the petrol is heading the genre. With MotoGP 2014, we have managed to step in Milestone.

There is being no doubt that the world of motorsports is varied as well as vast but it is not being represented until now especially on the latest generation of hardware. But now, with the launch of MotoGP on PS4 has busted out along with on older machines too. People do have their familiarity with the racing as four wheels but following the ideal racing line with a powerful motorbike was quite different for them.

Can you think anyone pulling every race perfectly with MotoGP 2014? We can say that it is a transition period of MotoGP which is now being officially licensed racing game. It has been developed by an Italian developer who managed to give varied two-wheeled titles. MotoGP 14 is finally on PS4 which marked a great improvement in terms of technicality as well as its predecessors which are visually blended.

In terms of the modes availability, MotoGP 14 is capable of delivering all the usual suspects associated with motorbike racing by throwing few interesting extras within the mix. It has been reported that Grand Prix, Time Attack, Instant race and Championship works impressively as well as generously within the 18 tracks. Since the launch of PS4, there wasn’t anything interesting in it but with the release of MotoGP 14 that void has been filled with impressive amount as well as authenticity.

Motorbike games have always been less popular as well as harder to control. The developers, Milestone has managed to equip MotoGP with few impressive classes including MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. This might confuse people which haven’t yet seen MotoGP but on other hand, it does makes an intuitive sense too as the bikes of MotoGP class are quite fast as compared to bikes of other classes.


MotoGP features a decent A.I. which isn’t going to stick to the ground as well as do any mistakes. This makes everyone feel unbelievable about MotoGP. With harder difficulties, MotoGP has managed to make racing more fun and users need to be perfect while taking turns and moving in directions. Though it is not a true sim but leaving that behind it just recreates the spectacle and drama of racing.

MotoGP is capable of handling bikes superfluously along with the physics model. It also features career as well as tutorial modes which introduce the gamers at the very beginning and the racing even look quite pretty at times. There is slight difference between the track scenery but gamer’s doesn’t really recognise it. Though MotoGP lacks in few graphical limitations but help the gamers in quick growth and becoming more familiar for handling the physics of the powerful bikes.


Are you using MotoGP on PS4? What are your views?